Denzel Washington stunned one wannabe actor by helping him land a deal with a top agent during a shopping spree. The Training Day star was so impressed with the polite Los Angeles shop assistant that when he learned the guy was still awaiting a call from an agent, he decided to make it happen. Washington insisted the wannabe call the agent there and then, and he grabbed the phone. A fellow shopper tells the National Enquirer, "He said, `Hi, this is Denzel Washington. I'm with this nice young man who says he's waiting to hear whether you plan to represent him or not.' "Denzel then said, `I want to know if you're planning to sign him... yes or no. Otherwise, I'll call my agent - right now - and we'll find him someone else." After the stunned agent agreed to represent the wannabe, Washington gave the young actor his contact details and said, "If he backs out for any reason, call us. And we will call you."