Denzel Washington adopted an unusual technique to silence chattering audience members during his Broadway stint in hit play FENCES - he would stare down the noisy fans until they shut up.
The Training Day star appeared alongside Viola Davis in the August Wilson production about race relations in the 1950s, and his performance earned him a Tony Award earlier this year (10).
But Washington admits his New York stage experience didn't always go so smoothly - matinee shows were often interrupted by talking theatre-goers.
The actor admits the rude attendees' behaviour often annoyed him - but he fast learned how to quieten them.
He explains, "Actually on Fences we had a matinee and there were a lot of kids there and they were talking, so I actually stopped in the middle of the show and walked down the middle of the stage and just kinda (stared). I did.
"First they giggled, then other people started going, 'Shhh! Shhh, be quiet'. I just waited, and then I kept going. I was ready to (shout at them). I almost jumped down there and you know... I almost!"