Former TV SUPERMAN DEAN CAIN is poised to play another apparent bad guy after impressing critics as a villain in Denzel Washington's OUT OF TIME - but this time the role will be for real.

The former LOIS + CLARK star will play accused murderer SCOTT PETERSON in an upcoming TV movie, called THE PERFECT HUSBAND.

Peterson is charged with killing his pregnant wife and their unborn son. A hearing set to determine whether he will stand trial for the murders began in California on Wednesday (29OCT03).

The movie, which will chronicle the story of LACI PETERON's disappearance and the subsequent search for her sparked by her husband, will start filming next month (NOV03).

Writers and producers will be watching the outcome of the current hearing very closely to see how far they can take their movie.

Laci Peterson's remains and those of her unborn baby were found washed up near San Francisco, California. Her husband was arrested in April (03) as he attempted to travel to Mexico.

31/10/2003 02:29