A movie fan is begging Denzel Washington to return a text book he signed - because it's full of vital school work.

KENNETH WARD dashed to get the actor's scribble when he spotted him filming near his home in Long Island, New York, but a bodyguard insisted the movie star was not to be bothered, and promised to get him an autograph if he returned to the set later.

The philosophy student handed over a school book - but when he returned neither Denzel nor the bodyguard were anywhere to be seen.

He says, "It was probably a stupid mistake on my part, but I was so thrilled to be getting his autograph I wasn't thinking straight.

"At this point, I don't care about getting Denzel's autograph, only the notebook. It has a semester's worth of class notes that can't be replaced."

24/10/2003 09:14