Denzel Washington likes the idea of being whipped.

The Oscar-winning star has revealed he is intrigued by sadomasochism but would rather play a character who likes it than be exposed to violent sexual acts himself.

He quipped: "Oh, I've been very bad. Do you think we should punish me? I don't know anything about sadomasochism, but there must be that aspect about it: powerful people wanting to be humiliated. Maybe I get it out of playing someone who is humiliated, being reminded of what that is."

Meanwhile, the 54-year-old hunk - who starred alongside John Travolta in the upcoming thriller 'The Taking of Pelham 123' - says he doesn't think of himself as an actor despite working on dozens of Hollywood blockbusters.

He explained to Britain's Culture magazine: "I firmly believe I'm an investigative journalist, that's what I do. I investigate characters. I don't write it, just talk it.

"My journalism work, and even my history work, prepared me to dig deep, to look, to find, to contextualise."