Denzel Washington cites ''success'' as the reason he and director Antoine Fuque took so long to work together again following 'Training Day'.

The 2001 film, which saw Denzel claim the Academy Award for Best Actor, has been widely praised by fans and critics - but it has taken until the release of 'The Equalizer' for the duo to work together again.

And Denzel, 59, says the success of the film made it tough for them to collaborate, telling the Guardian newspaper: ''We both enjoyed success coming off of 'Training Day'.''

Fuque, 48, has subsequently directed films like 'Brooklyn's Finest', 'Olympus Has Fallen' and 'Tears of the Sun', and says he never had the chance to bask in the success of 'Training Day,' which also starred Ethan Hawke and Eva Mendes.

Asked about his work schedule around the time, Fuque explained: ''I had 'Tears of the Sun' right after. I didn't even get to enjoy the Academy awards.

''I left the next day to start on it. It was crazy. I won't do that again.''

'The Equalizer' is a violent reinvention of a TV spy drama from the 1980s and opens in cinemas today (26.09.14).