Denzel Washington is in talks to star in Joel Coen's film adaptation of 'Macbeth'.

The 64-year-old Hollywood legend is reportedly set to star alongside Frances McDormand in a big screen adaptation of the classic Shakespeare play which expects to begin shooting before the end of the year.

The script will also be penned by Cohen with Scott Rudin producing, and A24 to distribute worldwide, according to Deadline.

The play follows a lord, most likely played by Washington, who is convinced by a trio of witches that he's destined to become the king of Scotland and so tries to seize the crown by any means necessary with the help of his wife, likely portrayed by McDormand.

There have been numerous film and TV versions of the 'Scottish Play' - the first was a movie by Orson Welles in 1948 and the latest was a 2005 series by Peter Moffat showing a modern adaptation set in a Glasgow restaurant starring James McAvoy as Joe Macbeth and Keeley Hawes as Ella, the Lady Macbeth character.

Washington is also soon set to star in cop thriller 'Little Things' which will see him portray overburdened Kern County Deputy Sheriff Deke in the forthcoming flick, which is being written by John Lee Hancock.

The plot sees Deke join forces with LA County Sheriff's Department detective, Baxter, to get a serial killer behind bars and the movie has the title because Washington's alter-ego is into digging out the ''little things'' in his cases.

Washington has made a name for himself in police dramas and won the Best Actor Oscar for his role as corrupt narcotics officer Alonzo Harris alongside Ethan Hawke (Jake Hoyt) in 2001's 'Training Day'.