The Training Day star was a hard-up actor when he started romancing Pauletta, now his wife of 33 years, and he hadn't budgeted for the taxi ride home.

"I was gonna splurge and we were gonna take a cab... and the meter's going and I'm going, 'Uh-oh, how far away does she live...?' She paid."

Appearing on American late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the actor admitted that if his wife was sitting next to him, she'd have a different story: "I actually paid but watch what she says... She says she paid (for the date)."

And things didn't get much better for the Flight star on the couple's wedding day.

"We were shaking so many hands and taking pictures, they ran out of food!" he laughed.

The newlyweds had to stop off at a diner after the reception, because they were starving: "We had eggs or something," he told Kimmel.