Hollywood star Denzel Washington urges his kids to be respectful to their friends because their fathers are studio heads.

The OSCAR winner's eldest son and one daughter grew up as best friends of the kids of some of the most powerful men in Hollywood, and their dad has always reminded them that he's just working for them.

Denzel says, "I remember one year my oldest boy was in junior high school and he said, 'Dad, are you rich and famous and powerful?' I said, 'You know your friend across the street, JOEY? His father runs a studio. If his father doesn't give me a job, you don't eat! He's got the power, not me.'

"My 16-year-old daughter had a friend of hers sleep over and she says, 'You know her dad, MR HORN?' I said, 'Oh, ALAN HORN, he runs Warner Brothers. Get in there and be nice to her, girl!'"

22/04/2004 17:03