Movie star Denzel Washington has become the latest celebrity American Idol fan.

The OSCAR winner admits he loves the TV talent show and watches every week with his family.

He says, "I'm hooked. I think the women this season are just on another level.

"The black guy, George Huff, is doing good too. Is it America's best singer or is it American Idol? What does idol mean anyway?

"Thankfully it seems to be the best singer who wins every year. They're always better when they're relaxed.

"I've been watching the red-headed guy, JOHN STEVENS, and he looks like he's already got a contract. He looks like he's in the money already. I'm like, 'You're 16, you were a geek last week in high school; but he's a cool geek!'"

Washington is such a big fan of the show he even spent an interview with show host Ryan Seacrest trying to find out who the judges' favourite was.

20/04/2004 21:08