OSCAR-winning star Denzel Washington has expressed a desire to ditch good guy roles in favour of playing villains and starring in comedies.

Washington, who won the Best Actor ACADEMY AWARD in 2002 for his first villainous role in Training Day, portrayed virtuous characters in a long line of movies because that was all he was offered.

He says, "For some reason I'm not asked to do anything funny. I don't know why. Up until Training Day I was never asked to be the bad guy. People are like, 'He's noble...'

"And for people it was, 'Oh it's such a shock, (Denzel playing a villain in) Training Day.' I'm like, 'Well actually I'm closer to that character than a lot of the other ones I've played.

"Now I'm getting all the heavies, which is interesting. I don't wanna be a good guy ever again. A bad guy can get away with anything!"

02/08/2004 09:41