OSCAR-winning actor Denzel Washington is frustrated with the media's habit of portraying him as a righteous man, just because of the characters he chooses to play.

While the TRAINING DAY star often embraces noble roles and has an undying devotion to his wife PAULETTA and their four children, he's not a fan of the way tabloids paint such a holy picture of him.

He says, "Nobody's immune to temptation - I'm a human being like anyone else. And I don't read the tabloids... Well they hail ya and then they nail ya, don't they? So sooner or later they'll be coming my way.

"I'm an actor and a human being. People say I'm this and that, don't put that on me, you don't know me. You know the parts I played. I played STEVEN BIKO, I'm not Steven Biko. I played Malcolm X, I'm not Malcolm X.

"I love my family, my family's first and that's it."

23/09/2003 19:50