Former GUNSMOKE star Dennis Weaver has finally decided to move into his Malibu, California, home full time - 20 years after buying it.

The actor and his wife GERRY have listed their home in Ridgway, Colorado, at $4.25 million (GBP2.3 million), with plans to spend more time in their California residence. Weaver built the Colorado home in 1989.

The 80-year-old actor-environmentalist has been driving to Hollywood from Ridgway for acting assignments since 1993. He and his wife decided to move back to Malibu to be closer to the studios and their three grandchildren.

Julian Myers, a spokesman for the couple, says, "The Weaver family was shaken last July by the loss of LYNNE WEAVER, daughter-in-law of Dennis and Gerry Weaver, in the SANTA MONICA FARMER'S MARKET traffic tragedy. This too may have influenced the Weavers to be nearer their family."

The Ridgway house, which the actor calls EARTHSHIP, is on 20 acres (8.09 hectares) of land along a river with views of the Rocky Mountains. It boasts six bedrooms plus stables. Four llamas born on the property are available at no extra cost.

Its walls are made of compacted earth and recycled tires and cans to regulate temperature inside the home. Water in the house is solar-heated.

14/06/2004 13:48