Basketball star Dennis Rodman is desperately trying to woo back his wife MICHELLE after she walked out on their marriage - just a year after they tied the knot.

Rodman, who was once briefly married to sexy actress Carmen Electra, has two children with third wife Michelle, who received a temporary restraining order in April (04), preventing Rodman from coming within 100 yards of her.

She is suing for divorce and in court documents estimated monthly expenses at $17,000 (GBP9,400).

Since marrying him in May 2003, Michelle lived apart from Rodman, whose recently-sold California home was the scene of raucous parties and occasional fights.

In court documents Michelle alleges Rodman punched her in January 2003 and that police were called more than two years earlier because he had threatened her.

In a court filing she says of Rodman, "(He) has a history of domestic violence, not only with me, but with many other women he has had relationships with.

"(His) hostile temper and aggressive behaviour coupled with his drunkenness and large stature make me apprehensive he may cause me bodily injury any time he does not get his way."

GERARD PHILLIPS, Rodman's attorney, disputes Michelle's claims and says that in one instance she was drunk and broke down the door to the sportsman's bedroom.

Michelle's attorney LISA HUGHES claims Rodman sends her clients flowers and recently gave her a diamond-encrusted dog tag in an effort to win her back.

13/06/2004 21:16