Basketball star Dennis Rodman has confused his fans by hinting he's still very much happily married to his wife MICHELLE.

Rodman, who was once briefly married to sexy actress Carmen Electra, has two children with third wife Michelle, who received a temporary restraining order in April (04), preventing him from coming within 100 yards (91 metres) of her.

But during an appearance on America's Dennis Miller SHOW to promote his sexual enhancement drug ENJOY RX last night (29JUN04), Rodman declared he was very much a married man.

Host DENNIS MILLER eyed Rodman's barrage of jewellery and piercings and noted, "The wedding ring's the only thing you don't have on!"

Rodman responded of his wife, "She's always complaining about me: 'Go get a ring!' Whatever!"

The sportsman also declared he's staying in Newport Beach, California - despite celebrations from some of his former neighbours who thought he'd be leaving the area after he sold his home in the spring (04).

He said, "Everybody thinks I've left Newport, but I haven't. I'm still there. They can't kick me out yet!"

30/06/2004 21:27