Former basketball star Dennis Rodman has denied accusations he sexually harassed a Las Vegas hotel employee, insisting he would "never hurt or harm anyone". Sara Robinson, a former bar manager at the Hard Rock Hotel, has filed a lawsuit against the sportsman over a March 2006 incident, claiming he slapped her on the bottom and rubbed himself against her at the resort. The lawsuit alleges, "As Robinson stepped around the bar, Rodman grabbed her, pulled her towards him and rubbed his body against hers. "Robinson tried to get free from Rodman's grasp at which time he assaulted her by reaching down and slapping her open-handed on the bottom." But Rodman's manager, Darren Prince, insists the star "just wants everyone to have a good time" and has questioned why Robinson waited until now to file a lawsuit over the incident. In an exclusive statement issued to website, he adds, "Security was watching the whole incident and apparently did nothing. The hotel knows Dennis very well, and if they felt this woman was in harm's way, then why didn't they do anything about it? And waiting a year and a half is very peculiar. Anyone that knows Dennis knows that he would never hurt or harm anyone." It's not the first assault allegation faced by the sports star - in September this year (07), Rodman faced a police investigation over claims he smacked a waitress' bottom at a restaurant in Los Angeles.