Former basketball star Dennis Rodman's efforts to take part in a charity rally race in Colorado yesterday (26JUL05) faced a major stumbling block - police pulled him over twice for speeding.

In between the police stops, Rodman was also involved in a minor crash and later accused of stealing a hat in what he says is a "misunderstanding" at a gas station in Glenwood Springs.

A clerk at the gas station told police that Rodman tried on a cowboy hat, said he liked it, signed an autograph, then put $20 (GBP11) on the counter for gas.

Glenwood Springs Police Chief TERRY WILSON explains, "Unfortunately $40 worth of gas was put in the car, and there was the cost of the hat to consider."

Rodman counters that when he entered the station to prepay for his gas, he signed several autographs before a female employee gave him a hat. He says he then pumped his gas and left.

He insists, "The lady gave it to me. If they want me to pay for the hat, I'll give them double for it."

Rodman's agent, DARREN PRINCE, says the former basketball star learned of the accusations through the media but hasn't been contacted by authorities.

Rodman, who believes Colorado authorities targeted him because of his celebrity status, plans to fight the citations.

27/07/2005 09:27