Dennis Rodman has been found guilty of contempt for failing to pay $860,376 in child and spousal support. The former NBA star was sentenced to 104 hours of community service and three years of informal probation in Orange County court on Tuesday (May 29, 2012), reports the Los Angeles Times.
A court official said, "Rodman also must pay current child and spousal support, and he still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional back child support". Rodman is yet to settle any remaining disputes over child support and will appear for an additional contempt charge in court on June 22, 2012. The former Chicago Bulls star - who spent 14 years in the NBA - is now broke, according to his attorney and financial adviser Peggy Williams. She added, "In all honesty, Dennis, although a very sweet person, is an alcoholic.His sickness impacts his ability to get work". Back in March, Rodman was told that he faced a 20-day jail stint or community service for contempt of court, unless he came up with the $860,376 owed to his ex-wife Michelle Rodman. The couple spent years trying to reconcile, but the marriage was officially ended this year after his wife petitioned the court.
Rodman - who also dated Madonna and married Carmen Electra - won three NBA championships with the Bulls. Despite claiming to have $3.4 million in property and $1.45 million in stocks and bonds, Dennis maintained his lifestyle cost him more than $31,000 a month