Former basketball star Dennis Rodman has been ordered to complete over 100 hours of community service after failing to pay for child support.
The retired athlete and one-time movie star has struggled to keep up with his ex-wife Michelle's alimony and child support payments over the last few years, and he reportedly owes his former lover a combined total of $860,376 (Gbp537,735).
Rodman has since claimed he doesn't have enough money to cover the bill, insisting he's "broke", but on Tuesday (29May12) Orange County Court Commissioner Barry Michaelson held Rodman on four counts of contempt and ordered the 51 year old to log 104 hours with an appropriate charity and serve three-years probation.
According to, the star, who was previously married to model/actress Carmen Electra, must also find a way to honour his back payments.
The couple, who separated in 2004, share two children, ages 10 and 11. The pair's divorce was finalised earlier this year (12).