An arrest warrant for Dennis Rodman has been issued by a judge in Breckenridge, Colorodo, after the basketball star missed a court appearance on two alleged traffic violations.

Rodman was charged with speeding and reckless driving after he was stopped on 26 July (05) in a Lamborghini on a highway near the mountain town of Frisco.

At the time, Rodman, ex-husband of Carmen Electra, was participating in the 3,000-mile Bullrun USA 2005 charity rally. Rodman's sponsor for the event,, had agreed to pay Rodman's tickets and legal bills to resolve the matter.

Rodman's agent DARREN PRINCE - who insists the arrest warrant is the result of a "misunderstanding" - says a $400 (GBP220) cheque for speeding in Montrose County on 25 July (05) was mailed on Monday (12SEP05), but that is still resolving the Summit County tickets.

During the auto rally, Rodman was also involved in a minor accident and accused of leaving a truck stop without paying $40 (GBP22) for gasoline and a cap. A fan paid the former Chicago Bulls star's bill, and authorities did not pursue charges.

Prince says, "The guy was doing all this for charity, and all this happens. He'll do it next year. He'll either drive a little bit slower or not listen to any gas station attendants that say he can have a hat for free and sign some autographs."