Dennis Quaid won't discuss who he shared his best movie kiss with but he has no problems confiding that his worst came in his new family movie YOURS, MINE + OURS - with a pig.

The movie star admits his porcine pouting scene in the new film was one of the worst experiences of his life and he can't shake the memory because he's having to recount the kiss on TV chat shows.

He says, "Everybody wants to talk about the pig. She was called FIONA and I'm asleep (in the film) and Fiona starts licking my lips. I'm supposed to thinks she's Rene Russo (onscreen wife).

"They had to put something on my lips to make it appetizing for Fiona. It wasn't so appetizing for me , though.

"The pig was slipping me the tongue and we had to do it (the scene) several times. And, on top of it all, the pig had gas."