LATEST: Religious actor Dennis Quaid and his wife KIMBERLY are convinced their newborn twins survived a shocking drugs overdose because a "miracle" took place. Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace were left fighting for their lives when they were mistakenly given 1,000 times the normal 10-unit dose of blood-thinning drug Heparin by staff at Los Angeles' Cedar's Sinai Medical Center shortly after they were born to a surrogate mother last month (Nov07). The twins have now been discharged after doctors gave them the all-clear, and they are back home with their parents. The Quaids' lawyer Susan E. Loggins tells website, "Their (babies) condition is fantastic, they're smiling... They've fully recovered from the accident and it's doubtful they'll suffer long-term effects from the overdose. "The Quaids are very religious, and they believe their children's recovery is a real miracle." On Tuesday (04Dec07), the actor and his wife filed legal papers suing Baxter Healthcare Corp. for manufacturing the Heparin that they claim left the babies critically ill. The Quaids accuse the company of failing to properly label vials of its product - the 10 units-per-millilitre vial of Heparin looks almost identical to the 10,000 units-per-millilitre vial. They also insist the company executives has been alerted to past mix-ups, but chose to do nothing and are seeking $50,000 (GBP25,000) in damages.