Movie star Dennis Quaid is giving up the chance to spend a romantic St. Valentine's Day at home with his wife Kimberly - because he's flying out to the set of G.I. Joe in Berlin. The Rookie star will spend much of Thursday (14Feb08) flying to Germany, where filming on the new action movie has already started. And Quaid admits he's happy to give up St. Valentine's Day with his wife, because he's very excited about the film. He says, "I remember it when I was a kid. The character General Hawk is gonna be fun to do because he's the leader of the Joes. "I think he's a cross between Chuck Yeager, Sgt. Rock (from DC Comics G.I. Combat) and maybe kind of a naive Hugh Hefner. "The prep for G.I. Joe is to get buff and watch cartoons. That's about as deep as it gets! The tone is gonna be like Transformers, this big sort of action type movie - that sort of tent pole popcorn action film." And he can't wait to see his action figure: "I've already been an action figure and now I'll have another action figure."