Sony/Screen Gems executives no doubt felt justified in not showing Legion in advance to critics after it opened on the high end of expectations with $18.2 million over the weekend. They wound up getting the kind of scathing post-premiere reviews that they must have expected. Bruce DeMara in the Toronto Star called it "a misbegotten tale that melds the conventions of traditional Christian theology with standard horror film mythology to give us a thriller so queasily bad that it is clearly beyond redemption." The principal stars, Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, and Lucas Black generally got a pass. "The leaden dialogue and flat-footed storytelling hobble a talented cast," wrote Mike Hale in the New York Times. A "cheesy apocalyptic thriller," is the way Elizabeth Weitzman described it in the New York Daily News, adding, "Even if you overlook the lousy lighting, awkward editing, and uneven acting, there's so much talking -- and so little story -- that your mind is likely to wander." But Robert Abele in the Los Angeles Times suggested that the film brought one thought to his mind "The whole affair mostly indicates that we're in the movie wasteland that is January."