The chequered personal life of actor Dennis Quaid has taken another dip for the worse as it's been reported that his current wife KIMBERLY BUFFINGTON-QUAID has filed for divorce after almost eight years of marriage together. TMZ has reported that a divorce petition explains "The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities ... that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation." Kimberly is asking for spousal support and attorney's fees.

Kimberly Quaid and Dennis Quaid.
As yet there are currently only temporary orders in place on the pair which allows them to spend time with their children; the pair have twins together, whilst Dennis also has an additional son. The kids won't be allowed to be taken out of state or removed from school without an agreement on both side or by judge decision. In addition, Buffington maintains possession of their main residence as well as their Mercedes whilst Quaid get their Cadillac Escalade and condo; strangely they share the Range Rover. The temporary order only lasts for the forthcoming weekend though it's expected to be extended upon expiry.
The crux of the issue comes with what each party wants to get out of the divorce settlement. Buffington wants their assets to be divided equally, however Quaid doesn't want her to get anything which can only mean that there's going to be a somewhat bitter battle ahead.
It's the latest in what's been a decidedly hit and miss love life for Quaid; this is the end of his third marriage. As his profile rose in the 80s, with roles in 'Jaws 3-D' and 'The Big Easy' among others, so did rumours about his drugs use - something he's only really come out about in recent years. He first married the actress P.J SCHOLES in 1978 only to divorce from her in 1983. A decade later and he was married to Meg Ryan, who at the time was one of the highest profile female actresses in Hollywood following the classic 1989 film 'When Harry Met Sally.' The pair married in 1991 and divorced ten years later with Ryan bringing to light the fact that Quaid hadn't stayed faithful to her.
	Kimberly Quaid and Dennis Quaid
Despite all this however his career seemed to be on the up again following a fallow period in the late 80s and early 90s which many attribute to his substance abuse. A well-received role in 2000's 'Frequency' precluded a hugely successful performance in the 2002 film 'Far From Heaven' and led to a blockbuster role in the apocalyptic flick 'The Day After Tomorrow.' Marrying Buffington in 2004 he seemed fully back on track and the couple had twins in 2007. Disaster almost struck though after doctors administered the newborns with a massive overdose of the drug Heparin - a drug to work against blood clotting - just 10 days after they were born and Quaid subsequently filed a lawsuit against drug manufacturer Baxter Healthcare for not marking the differences between the dosages of Heparin clearly enough.
Having gone through all of that together, the couple seemed strong but the marriage has evidently eroded, something that sadly could've been predicted given Quaid's past luck. One hopes that the reason for the split will turn out to be an amicable one.