Dennis Quaid and his wife are going to sue the makers of a blood thinner given to their newborn twins in an accidental overdose last month.

The actor's children were given a larger dose of Heparin by mistake, when they were two-weeks old.

Quaid alleges that Baxter Healthcare, which made the product, failed to label the product correctly, leading to the mix up.

He claims that the labels on the ten-unit and 10,000-unit containers are very similar which could have led to the mix-up.

At the time of the incident, Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles apologised for what it referred to as a preventable human error.

THE PARENT TRAP star's lawyer revealed that the couple had not decided whether or not to sue the hospital and stressed that the point of the case was to prevent any other children being harmed in the future.

The twins, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, are currently recovering at home.

Quaid and his wife Kimberley Buffington's lawyer Susan Loggans said that they are "doing fantastic".

Speaking to the BBC, Deborah Spak, from Baxter Healthcare, said: "The issue here is about improper use of a product.

"While we strive to clearly differentiate our products and dosages, no amount of differentiation will replace the value of clinicians carefully reviewing and reading a drug name and dose before dispensing and administering it."

Meanwhile the actor's latest film project is set to premiere at the Sundance Festival.

Quaid stars alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Haden Church and newcomer ELLEN PAGE in SMART PEOPLE.

The Miramax release tells the story of a self-involved literature professor (Quaid) who is forced to look closely at his life when his brother turns up unexpectedly.

The Sundance Festival begins on January 17th.

05/12/2007 11:06:23