Veteran actor Dennis Hopper ended up in seven different jails after an alcohol detox in Mexico in 1982 made him hallucinate and forget who he was. The APOCALYPSE NOW star, who was addicted to alcohol and drugs during the 1970s and early 1980s, was convinced he needed to find an army to fight in a third world war, and went out looking for soldiers - naked. He explains, "My manager had called and said, Don't give him any booze,' so I couldn't get a drink and started having hallucinations. "I thought the third world war had started. I went off into the f**king jungle without any clothes, convinced I had to walk to South America and come back with an army. I don't know where the f**k that came from. "I was - phew - I ended up in seven jails because I couldn't tell them who I was. I thought my friends had been gassed and they could listen to my mind. Man, I was out there." It emerged Hopper was suffering from DTs - an attack of hallucinations which often affect alcoholics in withdrawal. He continues, "Anyway, finally these stunt guys found me and we took an airplane out of Mexico City. And I was sure I'd seen Francis Ford Coppola and Wim Wenders on the plane with a camera, and I was convinced they were shooting me, making a movie. "So we were just taking off man, and I saw these fires out on the runway - they must have been burning trash or something - and I just knew that was my signal to get out on the wing. "So I got the doors open and started to climb out onto the f**king wing. On take-off. Ha! That went over really good, yeah. Really big! "You try that sometime, see where that gets you! Well I guess these days they'll probably shoot you! Bang! You're dead!"