Dennis Hopper recreated his fearsome Blue Velvet villain for a skit at the Film Independent Spirit Awards ceremony, when he initiated first-time host Rainn Wilson. The tough-guy actor beat The Office star up, became his pimp and turned him into a drug mule before binding him to an office chair and forcing him to hop down a street. Indie actress Ileanna Douglas also joined in the fun, beating up Wilson on the beach in Santa Monica, California - where the awards were held on Saturday (23Feb08) - as she chatted to Hopper about the event. The hilarious film skit ended with a newly-toughened Wilson sporting a `Hopper's Bitch' tattoo on his chest and the words `Indy Host' etched on his knuckles. In other skits taped for the ceremony, host Wilson pretended he'd auditioned for all five nominated Best Feature films and showed off the screen tests. He actually featured in one of the movies, Juno. In one hilarious scene with I'm Not There director Todd Haynes, Wilson presented an awful impersonation of Bob Dylan, prompting the filmmaker to smash up the guitar he was playing. He also lived up to his pre-show promise to bare his backside, re-enacting a "homo-erotic shower" scene from Paranoid Park, and he tried out as pregnant teen Juno with co-star Jason Bateman.