Hollywood veteran Dennis Hopper is convinced he would have directed a string of acclaimed Hollywood films had it not been for a feud with Universal Studios over 30 years ago.

The 69-year-old star clashed with Universal producer LEW WASSERMAN in 1971 over his experimental film THE LAST MOVE - which received initial success with critics at the Venice Film Festival.

The feud erupted when the SPEED star refused to re-edit his version of the movie, and subsequently Universal pulled the plug on all European screenings and limited showings across America.

Hopper - who now owns all rights to the movie and is planning a DVD release - is astonished at the lack of Hollywood offers since, insisting he could have excelled as a movie-maker.

He says, "I had the final cut, they wanted me to re-edit it, I refused. It was unfortunate as I was - am - a really talented director.

"I should have been allowed to make more films. Hopefully during my three months off next year, I'll direct one."

Hopper's forthcoming film Land of the Dead is his first reunion with Universal since the feud in 1971.