Hollywood wildman Dennis Hopper has dismissed reports he used to physically abuse his lovers while under the influence of drink and drugs.

The EASY RIDER star - who's had well-publicised addictions, but has been clean since the mid-eighties - confesses to being involved in skirmishes with the women in his life, but says he's never done anything he's ashamed of.

Hopper says, "I didn't beat any women up. I mean, I've done nothing beyond anything that they did to me.

"The point is that no one was ever truly hurt by me. And if there's any physical abuse by me, believe me it was after days of abuse by them, so it doesn't really... I have no... kind of feeling of any kind of guilt about that.

"I wasn't handcuffing them and beating them to death or anything."

12/03/2004 13:58