Troubled Hollywood star Dennis Hopper has promoted hard drugs and alcohol as the perfect ingredients for movie making, and insists he owes his career to his many addictions.

The SPEED actor was famously forced to kick his hardcore habits in the 1980s after he was found naked and begging to be shot dead in Mexico.

But the 69-year-old insists his substance-abusing years never effected his work ethic or onscreen talent.

He says, "If somebody had said, 'The drugs and alcohol are interfering', I would have stopped.

"I'm probably in denial, but I haven't had a drink or hard narcotics in 21 years.

"At the time, drinking, doing cocaine and smoking grass while working... it was all about the work. It wasn't about the drugs. We did them to keep going.

"They could have cut off my legs and I'd still be directing movies.

"Later when one wasn't allowed to work, then the drugs and alcohol were no longer about work. They were about wallowing in self-pity.

"That's a different story."