Dennis Hopper was shocked to be getting divorced while battling cancer.

In the last interview before his death, the screen legend - who lost his battle with prostate cancer in May at the age of 74 - admits he didn't need the extra stress of his separation from wife Victoria Duffy in the final months of his life.

He said: "Who would have ever thought I'd be getting a divorce in this state? It was a big shock."

Dennis - who was married five times during his lifetime - and his wife of 14 years Victoria were embroiled in a bitter divorce battle as he fought the illness.

During the legal dispute, Victoria - who had a daughter, Galen, with the actor - alleged the actor's three children from previous marriages had turned him against her and wanted her to be cut from his will.

Dennis - who starred in several iconic films in his lifetime, including 'Easy Rider', 'Apocalypse Now' and 'Rebel Without a Cause' - also revealed he thought his best movie was 'Blue Velvet'

He added in the interview with Vanity Fair contributing editor Bob Colacello: "'Blue Velvet', probably. But I've been in such incredible movies. I think at one point I'd been in the five most expensive movies ever made - not that I had large parts in them. 'Apocalypse Now' was one."