Dennis Hopper's seven-year-old daughter missed his funeral last week.

The late 'Easy Rider' actor was laid to rest last Wednesday (02.06.10) but Galen - his child with estranged wife Victoria Duffy - was not present due to her mother's wishes.

A source told The Daily Beast website: "That's the thing that's just tragic. A seven-year-old girl has just lost her father, and she can't even go to his funeral."

Victoria has claimed Galen was "disinvited" from the service, while Dennis' friends say she has used her own daughter "as a pawn" in her battle with her husband's family.

According to a letter from the actor's lawyer, Dennis did not want Victoria to attend the funeral in Taos, New Mexico, but wanted Galen there.

However, Victoria reportedly insisted Galen wouldn't be allowed to go without being accompanied by her because she would have had to have flown from Los Angeles on her own.

In the run-up to his death, Dennis, 74, and 42-year-old Victoria - his spouse of 14 years - had been embroiled in a bitter divorce battle, with Victoria alleging the actor's adult children from previous marriages had turned him against her and wanted her to be cut from his will.

The legal battle became so acrimonious Dennis applied for a court order to keep his spouse at least 10ft away from him to eliminate unnecessary stress.

Dennis was married five times during his lifetime and had three other children, daughters Marin and Ruthanna and son Henry Lee.