A memorial service was held for Dennis Hopper yesterday (12.07.10).

Family and friends of the late 'Easy Rider' actor - who lost his battle with cancer in May aged 74 - gathered at the Santa Monica Pier, California, to hear tributes to the star, with pals Tony Shafrazi and Dwight Yoakam reading eulogies.

Among those in attendance at the service were Dennis' ex-wife Brooke Hayward, his daughter Marin and friends Eli Broad, Wendy Stark, Michael Chow, Barbara Davis, Peter Brant, Nikki Haskell, Alex Hitz and Ed Ruscha.

The service took place just a day after an exhibition of the actor's artwork, entitled, 'Double Standard', opened at Los Angeles' Geffen Contemporary, which is part of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).

Comprising over 200 works, the exhibition is described as the "first comprehensive survey of Hopper's prolific work" and features his art, film, photography and sculpture.

MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch praised the late star's talent, saying: "His fusion of artistic media has become an inspiration for the new artistic generation who often draw on performance and film as well as painting, sculpture, and photography in the creation of their work."