NYPD BLUE star Dennis Franz was a teary wreck after shooting his lone final scene of the cop drama, because he'd spent the day sobbing as his castmates said their goodbyes.

The actor, who plays LT ANDY SIPOWICZ on the show, feared he wasn't getting emotional enough as he filmed his episodes on the long-running series - until he broke down on the final day of shooting.

He says, "I thought I had a heart made of stone because I wasn't getting emotional about the whole thing and that day, man, we all broke down like cheap suits.

"The shooting order was that, after each person finished one of their scenes, we had a big farewell and everybody hugged and cried and then the next one did his scene...

"Finally we went through all seven of them and I got the last scene and I'm all cried out and I'm all screwed up... It was very very emotional."

But Franz, 60, has been given some good news as he copes with the end of his beloved cop role - his daughter TRISHA has just announced she's expecting a baby.

27/02/2005 21:12