Denise Welch managed to drink, smoke, strip and argue her way to the 'Celebrity Big Brother UK' crown last week, her outlandish antics finding favour among a viewing audience that weren't getting much stimulation from any of the other somewhat po-faced and retiring characters that made up this year's contestants. Her win didn't come without a cost however, with outrage over the 53 year-old exhibiting her breasts to 18 year-old Frankie Cocozza and shock as the 'Loose Women' co-host lost one of her teeth on the Friday night of winning the crown - being pictured with a gap in her teeth whilst out celebrating husband TIM HEALY's 60th birthday in Cheshire.
Rather worryingly she seems unrepentant about the first incident, but thankfully she seems to have addressed the second issue after the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper pictured the star with little make-up on but with a full set of gnashers, the star evidently having a quick tooth replacement that blended in with the colour of her existing set.
Regarding her exposure though, Welch gleefully told New Magazine "I don't regret it at all. I've always got my boobs out," explaining somewhat unconvincingly, "I have compulsive-flashing disorder, I need to open a support group. We can't help it! All I wanted was for my kids not to be embarrassed about other things. They know I get my boobs out. I will have a boob job, though, simply because I owe it to the public that they're not round my knees." Looks like 'Loose Women' will be getting moved to a later slot then.