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I was playing a Category A part, in my continuing persona as a seasoned actor, Celticgirl; my having been doing just that for the last 69 years...and low-and-behold, I'm still acting, and without the need to impress anyone (not least non-actors, like you, I do assure you), but simply because apparently I am seen by my heirs-and-successors as to be able to deliver the goods, as required, as is Denise Welch, whether you like that hard fact or not; your obviously-jealous slip showing, my dear. As to uttering - or indeed *publishing* - malicious libels about anyone (Thespian or otherwise), in any format, this is actionable, believe me, and whoever engages in this luxurious form of calumny renders themselves liable to being positively traced to source, and being taken to court where they could face the full might of English Law. Be warned, little lady, this is not your catty comprhensive school playground where you are indulging yourself for whatever reason, rather we are talking about a very public arena in which it is notoriously dangerous to utter malevolent slurs or utter slander in, and where to do can cost you dearly, in addition to be named-and-shamed, for what you are, and whatever your motivation might be, to launch such cowardly attacks from a position of albeit perceived concealment. It's very easy to for the authorities to pinpoint the sources of these comments, I kid you be aware of that hard fact, and with respect you would do well to be careful what you say, write and publish in future, and particularly if you are not in full possession of the facts...which very clearly you are not in respect of the professional actress Denise Welch. Anon. G.

Posted 5 years 2 months ago by Gerald N

Gerald N's picture

She maybe a 'lovely lady' GeraldN but last night did her no favours!!

Posted 5 years 2 months ago by hertsnyorks

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Methinks that Gerald N was perhaps acting for a part, or maybe auditioning and thinking that by name dropping and writing in his thespian hand (and boring the rest of us) that we would all be so impressed....well Gerald N last time I looked we had freedom of speech and if Denise Welch chooses to go topless on Tv, she also chooses to put herself up for peoples comments and someone sitting on a computer has no right whatsover threatening anyone with court action, so very sorry if the old luvvy act doesnt impress us Gerald N, but we are after all only Mortals

Posted 5 years 2 months ago by Celticgirl

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Wonder would Andy Gray get a round of applause if he got his c**k out on tv! Somehow I doubt it very much!

Posted 5 years 2 months ago by Scratch

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You might call yourself an officersgal, but I wouldn't have thought that such an impressive-sounding claim-to-fame automatically gave you carte blanche to utter damning calumnies, or slander with impunity, anyone, as you have done Denis Welsh, on this noticeboard for all to see. I know this lady; she being a first-class professional in her field, and most certainly undeserving of the seemingly malicious slurs you have piled upon her, and without just cause, if you ask me. If Denise were even half what she claim she is, she would not be up to doing her job, as a hard-worked and consummate professional on television and in films. My advice to you, officersgal, is be careful what you say about people - and who you wilfully damage with your unproven slurs - because - were this lady to see and challenge them in the High Courts, you could end up losing all you happen to own (including your home plus all your personal possessions), which a judge in chambers may find it fitting to be turned into cash, for forwarding in the form of compensation or righteously earned *satisfaction* to this lovely lady, whom you would seem to be intent on injuring, irrespective of whether you can prove these calumnies or deem them to be actionable. No, to me you appear, on the face of it, to be a young, cavalier fool, whose unbridled and thoughtless running-away-at-the-mouth, could not only cause serious damage to this innocent lady's professional persona and career, but – if satisfactorily repudiated by the plaintiff, it could also steer you very near to a custodial prison sentence, with an attendant a hefty fine finding in favour Satisfaction and courts costs to compensate your defencless victiim, that wouldkeep you in penury for the rest of your days. So, officersgal, it seems to me that you ought to be more careful with what you say and then publish for all on the planet to see and read,, otherwise that purple poison pen of yours could land you in the thick or clear….and I don’t mean Brown Windsor soup.

Posted 5 years 2 months ago by Gerald N

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This lovely lady is not only a brilliant and multi-talented actress - exemplary is the only word to describe her seasoned track record and shining persona - she also has oodles of humility and the milk of human kindness, when it comes to interacting with anyone, on or off the set.I experienced this for myself about six years back, when I - as a nervously venturing guest actor - I joined the cast of BBC TV's record-breaking series *Down To Earth*, at which time Denise made me feel really at home, and sat next to me on the dining bus, during the break, laughing and joking with me as if I were one of the regulars.This business needs more true archetypal pros like Denise; she being one in a million, and a delight meet and interact with - as a genuine, magnanimous human being - this, whether she be on the studio set or off; my therefore wishing her all the very best in Big Brother, irrespective of whether she goes it topless for Frankie, or tackles any other daring do, because at the end of the day, whatever else she does, she will only be doing it, to give us all a laugh, within the contours of her stage persona.Good for you, Denise, and God Bless You. GG.

Posted 5 years 2 months ago by Gerald N

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What does she think shes doing.This woman is a drunk,mouthy,hysterical middle aged woman.She certainly doesnt deserve to be married to her long suffering husband.This woman should grow up and act her age.She is one of the reasons I dont watch 'Loose Women:,But lets be honest, its a programme she fits in,as they are all weird middle aged women..A real advert for not taking HRT!!!

Posted 5 years 2 months ago by officersgal

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Denise is a silly, attention seeking old woman who should remeber she has children. She simply doesn't deserve her long suffering husband Tim, he is a saint.

Posted 5 years 2 months ago by Steveie

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