LATEST: Denise Richards is still waiting for her husband Charlie Sheen to give her a formal public apology for his part in their marital woes.

During an interview with comedian David Letterman last month (SEP05), Sheen admitted that his separation from his wife was the result of his being a "gigantic a*s".

But Richards, who filed for divorce from the actor earlier this year (05), is keen to shoot down the general perception that Sheen's statement was a public apology.

She says, "Well, it wasn't an apology, per se. He just said he was a gigantic a*s. He didn't say, 'I apologise.' I'm still waiting for the public apology. Everyone keeps saying he apologised, but I don't recall an 'I'm sorry' in there."

She adds, "It does seem like we're together, but right now we're focusing on the kids."

In recent weeks, Sheen has disclosed that he and Richards are working on a reconciliation.