Denise Richards is reportedly set to meet with the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) this week, after being accused of abusing Brooke Mueller's sons, Bob and Max.

The 42-year-old 'Twisted' actress wants to meet social workers to refute her ex-husband Charlie Sheen's ex-wife's claims that she physically abused and neglected their four-year-old twin boys, as well as Denise's own children with Charlie, Sam, nine, Lola, eight, and her adopted daughter Eloise, two.

A source told gossip website ''It has been alleged that Denise not only physically abused the children, but neglected them as well. This is being taken very seriously by Denise. To say she is upset and disgusted by Brooke's actions are an understatement.''

Denise secured temporary custody of Bob and Max in May after Brooke was hospitalised for drug abuse but recently withdrew as their guardian because of their violent behaviour towards her daughters and they are now living with Brooke's brother.

The source insists that there is no proof to substantiate Brooke's allegations but Denise is worried about how the situation could affect the children.

The insider said: ''But under the law, the claims must be investigated. Social workers might want to interview Denise's daughters and Denise will fight that. Her daughters don't need to be dragged into this drama. They are children who are very well cared for and loved.''

The source added: ''Denise now knows definitively that she made the best decision for her family by giving up being the temporary guardian for Bob and Max. The chaos and never-ending drama that follows their lives -- because of their mother -- just made it impossible for Denise's own family to exist like a normal one.''