Denise Richards says looking after her kids is the best workout.

The 42-year-old actress - who has two children Lola, eight, and Sam, nine, from her marriage to Charlie Sheen, as well as adopted daughter Eloise, two - puts her toned biceps down to carting her youngest child around.

She said: ''The biggest thing that's made a difference is carrying my youngest daughter and her car seat, and her stroller and the wagon and all this stuff. It's a workout and it's worked out for me.''

The former Bond girl - who is the face of luxury skincare line OROGOLD - is so busy looking after her kids she only finds time for simple skincare routines she can do quickly at home.

She explained: ''I try to do a lot of stuff at home because I don't have time. I used to go get a facial once a month, but now there are things I do at home - just like all busy mums.

''I have been approached by other skincare lines. I won't endorse anything that I won't use. I think people will see through it and I can't do that I'm too honest.''

Denise refuses to use bizarre fad treatments in order to retain a young, fresh look.

She added: ''People keep telling me I need to try the fish-eating pedicure and I can't do it. I'm not that adventurous and I'm not going to try the blood facials. I like to keep it real and natural as much as I can.''