Denise Richards is a ''strict parent''.

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star is mother to Sam, 15, and Lola Rose, 14, whom she has with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, as well as adopted eight-year-old daughter Eloise, whom her current husband Aaron Phypers is in the process of adopting too.

And the star - who previously revealed she installed security cameras outside her home to make sure her daughters don't go out to meet boys without her permission - says she can be tough with her brood.

She said: ''I think that my daughters will tell you that I'm a strict parent. I definitely have rules and boundaries and there's consequences. [I don't let them] do whatever they want.''

Denise tries to teach her daughters the lessons she was taught as a child, including raising them not to be ''judgemental''.

She added: ''[I try] to follow a lot of the stuff that my parents instilled in me and my sister. They are not judgmental people, [they raised me to understand that] everyone is equal.

''That's something that's really stuck with me and something that I really want to instil in my daughters.''

And although raising three children is no easy task, the 48-year-old beauty says she's ''very proud'' of her brood, especially as they're such ''polite'' girls.

Recalling a time when she received a phone call from another parent whilst her children were at their house, she told People magazine's Celeb Parents Get Real series: ''The parent called me and told me how polite the girls were and they cleaned up after themselves and they were helping with the younger sibling.

''And I was like, 'Oh wow, it really does sink in,' because at home they're not like that. So I was very proud of them.''