Former Bond girl Denise Richards has fired back at reports suggesting she's too skinny, insisting the picture-related stories are not what she wants her daughters to read.

Snaps of the actress looking thinner than usual appeared online last week (ends26Apr13), and gossips jumped on stories suggesting Charlie Sheen's ex-wife had adopted an extreme diet.

But Richards has since set the record straight, insisting she's still one of the healthiest people she knows.

She tells U.S. news show Extra, "I don't why lately I've been getting so much flak for it... I have a very healthy lifestyle and I'm busy. I have a daughter, who's almost two, that I carry all the time, she's just under 30 pounds.

"What bothers me is I have three daughters... and I'm such an advocate for health and fitness - in moderation. I mean, we eat ice-cream all the time."