Denise Nickerson has suffered a stroke.

The 61-year-old actress - who is best known for playing Violet Beauregarde in the 1971 film 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory' - had the severe stroke last month and has subsequently been recovering in an intensive care unit.

The actress' son Josh Nickerson and his wife, Jasmine Nickerson, have created a Facebook page to provide fans with updates about her health situation.

Jasmine spoke about her health situation via Facebook in June.

She wrote: ''It's a waiting game. It's the worst. She's breathing on her own but they can't remove the ventilator today because they don't think she has the strength to cough and not aspirate.

''And know we're faced with do we put her in a nursing home? Does one of us quit and stay with her constantly? We can't afford to do either. We'll be homeless.

''Her heart, her brain, and her lungs all fought against her yesterday. Did we do what she wanted? [sic]''

In a different post, Jasmine explained that Denise has had a pacemaker fitted and that she ''will likely require 24 hour care for the rest of her life''.

The post continued: ''It's like waking up in a nightmare, and going to sleep is that same nightmare but I can fly. And I know Denise is in pain and wants us to help but she can't tell us and I can't help. I can't. I can't even help myself.''

As well as keeping fans informed about Denise's condition, Josh and Jasmine are both trying to raise money for her recovery.

Denise was just 13 when she starred alongside the iconic Gene Wilder in 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory'.

In 2016, the actress revealed he was already in the character of the fictional chocolatier when she was introduced to him.

She recalled: ''We met him when we were first doing the factory scenes.

''I remember sitting on the bleachers waiting for him to come out of the [chocolate] factory and rumour had gone around set that he was going to do the somersault - and he did and we all clapped.''