Tony Award-winning actor Denis O'Hare missed a performance of play SWEET CHARITY on New York's Broadway last week (ends27NOV05

after he and his boyfriend were detained as terror suspects by police at a Virginia airport.

The TAKE ME OUT star was returning from his sister's wedding with HUGO REDWOOD, when their one-way tickets prompted an extra security check.

As a guard asked them to step aside Redwood joked, "I guess we must be terrorist suspects."

Despite O'Hare's best efforts to diffuse the situation, Redwood was subsequently handcuffed for two and a half hours, before being released by the FBI.

He faces charges of disorderly conduct for the security scare, gossip site PageSix reports.

O'Hare says, "I do have a big mouth, but they just didn't like our attitude, so they dragged him (Redwood) through the airport without shoes, threatened and verbally abused him."

An airport spokesman says, "We take security very seriously.

"If our officers intervened, they must have felt that the situation necessitated their involvement."

Redwood is due in court later this month (NOV05) to face charges against him.