LATEST: Tony Award-winning actor Denis O'Hare is considering emigration after his boyfriend was detained as a terror suspect by police at a Virginia airport.

The TAKE ME OUT star was returning from his sister's wedding with HUGO REDWOOD, when their one-way tickets prompted an extra security check.

Redwood's ill-advised jest that they were terror suspects led to his temporary arrest, as well as charges of disorderly conduct.

But Redwood believes the allegations are ridiculous and unlawful.

He says, "The incident report, if you read it, is laughable.

"It's clearly perjured to cover their asses. The second guard said he heard me shout, 'I'm a damn terrorist,' which is ridiculous. And if this was really about terrorism, why would they not bother to question the person I was flying with?"

O'Hare is furious at his partner's treatment and insists president George W Bush's security paranoia is demeaning the country.

He says, "For the first time I feel like leaving the country.

"America is becoming a nightmare with the permanent war culture brought on by this president. I don't recognise my country."