U.S. funnyman Denis Leary has accepted Sting's challenge for a 'hair-off', to see which star has the most hair. Sting labelled the Rescue Me star a "c**t" during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 1993. He said, "I saw Denis Leary deconstruct me on television. He said, 'Sting singing about saving the f**king rainforest - he should save his f**king hair.' "I want to meet Denis Leary in about 10 years. 'Hey, Denis, how's it feel, ya bald c**t.'" Fourteen years later, Leary wants to compare follicles with 55-year-old Sting, who now has considerably less hair than the comedian. Leary tells BlackBookMag.com, "Sting called me a c**t. I said something about his hair, or lack thereof, and he called me a c**t and said that when I got older, we should compare hair. "And I'm like, Let's go! I'm 50! Let's go!"