Comedian Denis Leary has vowed to vote for Democrat senator John Kerry in America's upcoming presidential elections - because he and the politician share a passion for hockey.

Kerry goes up against the nation's current leader George W Bush in what is expected to be an extremely close race, and Leary has decided his vote goes to the presidential challenger - for "selfish" reasons.

Leary says of Kerry "He played hockey his whole life... For a guy his age, he's a good hockey player.

"Of course, I look at the presidential race in a very selfish way: issues for me. One is firefighters, which is very important to me, and the second one is hockey. So I'm voting for Kerry 'cause if he gets in he'll help firefighters and he'll probably put a rink in the White House so I can go and skate! It's all about me."

25/08/2004 21:07