Scout Willis, the 21-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis has been charged for drinking whilst under-aged and then producing a fake ID when cornered by police.

Scout was taken in by police back in June - when she was 20 - after allegedly been caught drinking a beer whilst in Union Square. Scout allegedly handed the police a fake ID saying she was called Katherine Kelly, when questioned by police. Upon further scrutiny she eventually admitted the ID wasn't hers, but in fact belonged to a friend.

She could have potentially faced jail time, however her empty police file and the exceptional grades she received whilst at Brown University worked in her favour with prosecutors. They decided that she was unworthy of the harshness of jail-time and instead was charged with 2 days of community service and a court decree warning her that she could face punishment if she misbehaves for 6 months.

Scout was booked for criminal impersonation and open container drinking and fortunately for Scout, both of them are misdemeanours. She was initially released without bail the day after the offence, after spending a night in the cells.