Demi Moore has been spotted with visible signs of the strain that has been placed upon her in the wake of recent allegations of infidelity and divorce against her husband Ashton Kutcher. Been reported to having lost even more weight, Demi Moore has been seen seeming 'weak' and 'pale', according to The Daily Mail.
Wearing a cardigan and thick-framed glasses, the 49-year-old actress appeared pale and thin as she was seen leaving a beauty salon in Los Angeles this week. With Moore having had to face rumours of divorce and dramatic weight loss, the strain is now being visibly seen. It was alleged that husband Ashton Kutcher had cheated on her with a 23-year-old blonde on the weekend of their sixth wedding anniversary in September. Since then, the couple have barely been seen together and reports claim that Moore has lost a huge 7st in body weight. However, Demi Moore was quick to show that she was in higher spirits as she celebrated her 49th birthday yesterday (11 Nov 2011). She tweeted a picture of herself wearing her wedding ring and holding a small monkey who she calls 'pursemonkey': "My birthday starts with a bang and some serious monkey business, pursemonkey may never be the same!"
Demi Moore is set to appear in the comedy 'LOL' alongside Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene, scheduled for release in 2012.