Demi Moore took a self-imposed hiatus from acting after deciding to raise her family instead - and is only returning because her kids became sick at the sight of her. The Ghost actress gave up acting after her flop 1997 film Gi Jane and, apart from a cameo in CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE, spent most of her free time raising children RUMER, SCOUT and TALLULAH after she divorced from Die Hard tough guy Bruce Willis in 2000. And Moore says she only appeared in new Emilio Estevez movie BOBBY because her children pestered her to get out of the house and start acting again. She says, "I knew if I wasn't with them they could have bigger problems than normal teens. I wasn't retired from acting, I figured I'd do it again when I could. "Now work has become important again because my children were starting to ask if I was ever going to work again."